Sale Cycle for relief / drying the body

Cycle for relief / drying the body

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180 tablets Strombafort +80 tablets Clenbuterol + 20 tablets Tamoximed/Clomed(PCT). 6,5 weeks + 3 weeks PCT.
The effect of the course:

- intense burning fat
- increase power performance
- pronounced portrayal of relief, vascularity
- anti-catabolic effects (does not give destroy muscle tissue)
Maximum results can be achieved in compliance with dosage preparations, low-calorie diet and a complex of aerobic exercise on the course.

The dosage regimen Strombafort:
days 1-45: 4 tablets Strombafort in a day.(take 1 tablet every 4-5 hours)

The dosage regimen Clenbuterol:
days 8-11: half-tablet morning, half-tablet at 4 pm.
days 12-23: 1 tablet morning, 1 tablet at 4pm.
days 24-36: 2 tablets morning,  2 tablets at 4 pm

The dosage regimen Tamoximed/Clomed on PCT:
days 46-47: 2 tablets
days 48-59: 1 tablet
days 60-67: 0,5 tablet

Most side effects of clenbuterol are expressed only at the initial stage of the course.
Strombafort brings water from the body, so significantly increases the risk of injuries to joints and ligaments. Before training you need to do a good workout joints

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