Oral Steroids

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What is oral steroids?

Oral steroids - this tableting androgenic and anabolic drugs that are used exclusively oral.

Activity of steroids tablets can be conditionally divided into two areas: active androgens and anabolic activity.

Basic anabolic effects of oral steroids are: significant increase in muscle mass, an increase in force production of man, increase endurance performance as a result of productivity, in increasing the number of red blood cells in the blood, in the development and strengthening of bone tissue, to reduce the fat deposits.

Also be isolated additional effects that are not so obvious from the medical point of view, which occur when a person takes oral steroids: increased appetite, a significant reduction in feelings of fear, confidence boost as a result of self-confidence and communicative abilities, increase sexual desire.

Obvious advantages of steroids tablets are: ease of storage and ease of use. Steroids that are used orally, often becoming the choice of beginners as well as for those athletes that are afraid of injections .Keep oral steroids is necessary in a dry, dark place at room temperature. Damage to the liver from pills greatly exaggerated, because if you have a drink after a course of of steroids Karsil (thistle oil) damaged liver cells recover.

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